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Bud Light Platinum Launch Concept


InBev decided to expand their offerings in the light beer category with the launch of Bud Light Platinum. They turned to Momentum for ideation. Working closely with my copywriter, we designed a look and approach to amp up excitement. Based around the idea of “Going Platinum”, a term borrowed from the music industry, we devised a contest and social platform around an exclusive engagement with Lady Gaga.

New Balance Season In The Balance

Having just acquired two brands of LaCrosse gear, New Balance wanted to create an online web series about the sport. My job was to design and implement the site and all related online digital extensions of the series. These included an interactive locker room where visitors to the site could check out the gear based on position and functionality, the overall site housing the series, digital media to support the episodes, and social media posts and mediation. The series was a success and ended up having a place on New Balance’s brand site.




LandShark Escape


LandShark wanted a novel way to engage it’s fans, so I designed this simple interaction for their website. Visitors could enter the reason they deserved an escape for the chance to win an all expenses paid tropical getaway. The interaction was super simple and appropriately themed: enter your info on a virtual scrap of paper, stuff it into an empty LandShark Lager bottle and toss it out to sea. The virtual messages collected into a visual, animated stream where visitors could see the message they entered and read other entries. Thousands of entries were collected.


Budweiser Band of Buds


I was the digital creative director and art director for Budweiser’s Band of Buds for two years. The program relied heavily on a custom social network that we designed and built specifically for the contest. In 2011 our work won an EX award for Best Brand-Related website. As the creative director for all the related digital pieces I had to work closely with copywriters to devise crew challenges and all related web copy, video editors for related content, strategists, developers and project management for all technical aspects, and print and event creative to make sure we had seamless cross program integration. Great care was taken to ensure that all digital assets utilized by crews and fans were optimized to work ¬†across a variety of computing and mobile devices.

I was also called upon to supervise the event photographers for both Vegas finales, which got me interested in pursuing photography.


Revlon Site Redesign

Revlon Site Redesign


While working at Momentum we got an assignment to present site designs for Revlon. I came up with a design focused on single, large images to leverage their spokesmodels and stunning photography first, and the products second. Working with my team, we developed an elegant navigation system to handle a wide range of content. We worked closely with our strategists to generate unique content ideas that would enhance the overall browsing experience, educate and entertain women visiting the site, and draw them into the Revlon’s world of beauty products and style. While we didn’t get to produce the final version of what we presented, this design went on to be the basis for Revlon’s site for almost 5 years.

Children’s Frontline For Hope Website


Coolfire produced a series for KMOV about the brave children, families, and doctors of Barnes Children’s hospital and needed a website to host all the content online. Working with The Icarus Agency, I was contracted to architect, design, and direct the development of the site, as well as create key visuals for the show.